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The Good Clean Company have done a fantastic job cleaning the property at the end of our tenancy. There is not a single part of the house they have missed! I would highly recommend them to any other tenants looking for a superior clean at the end of their tenancy (our landlord was very happy with the outcome)." Chris in Maidenhead


"The Good Clean Company completed an end of tenancy clean for us along with a carpet clean. We were really pleased with the results, everything was spotless and they managed to get all of the stains out of the carpets which we didn't think would be possible! I would recommend The Good Clean Company to anyone looking for a professional cleaning service, they were efficient and in our opinions good value for money." Rachel in Reading

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  1. Home decoration causes lot of dust and garbage in buildings. Therefore the end of tenancy cleaning process is most important after the construction of buildings. The after builder cleaners remove and clean house after construction. The after builder cleaners will leave your house clean and neat. Therefore you will feel excitement and refreshment in this condition. The professional after builder cleaner will wash every corner of your house. Therefore the after construction cleaning is most important and significant for you. The process of end of tenancy cleaning has become very famous due to this feature. The professional after builder cleaners will do this job in a better way. The task list of most of end of tenancy clean firms includes washing and cleaning all windows. Similarly cleaning of all skirting, curtains and doors is also included. The professionals will also remove the dust and deposits from all switches and sockets. In order to clean kitchen and toilets they use special equipments and tools. Therefore if you want to clean your house by the professional team then you will enjoy these features. The end of tenancy clean has become very famous and popular in the world. Now most of companies are using this service to keep the buildings in good condition. The domestic cleaning service includes more services. It is important to know that most of domestic cleaning services don’t include the washing of exterior parts of buildings. They will wash and clean only interior parts of your buildings.

    In order to enjoy end of tenancy cleaning service you can hire professionals for this task. Now end of tenancy cleaning service has become mandatory requirement of people in united state. The property agents and owners use to clean their building by this method. The domestic cleaning service is more expensive and costly in comparison to other services. The domestic cleaning services need more investment and energy. You must hire professional workers to do this task because it is more complicated. Now end of tenancy clean is not new in united state as most of English people use this service. The end of tenancy clean service takes only 24 hours to complete. You will find your house in a very good condition after 24 hours. Therefore it is a big advantage for you. It is reported that cleaning process will increase the life of your house or property. You will feel more comfortable and easy after this process.

    If you are finding professional for end of tenancy cleaning service then you should look for online source. The internet can provide you list of tenancy cleaning companies in your society. Therefore it is more comfortable and easy to use this service of cleaning. The end of tenancy clean is not new in united state. The tenancy cleaning companies are present around whole world to provide you best service. Therefore it is very comfortable and convenient to use the domestic cleaning service offered by these companies. They have mobile teams to provide you fast service.

  2. For tenancy agreement, both the parties have to sit and sign on agreement papers which will have few of the rules, for instance the house should remain clean and there should be no extra changes done to it, no damage should be done to the place, the tenant agrees to pay rent by the specific date of the month, and that when he leaves he should perform end of tenancy cleaning by himself or by having domestic cleaning service. So when you are moving out of the rented house or apartment, you have to perform end of tenancy cleaning so that you will get your deposited advance payment back and you don’t have to pay for any other damage, and you can walk out free without any cost or charges. Before the end of tenancy clean first thing you need to do is to pack all you’re belonging, and leave those furniture or electronic items which was also given to you on rent.

    After everything is packed and moved out, you will have the best view of what needs to be fixed and which area needs to have the most cleaning to do. Make a list of end of tenancy cleaning and also hire the best domestic cleaning service staff so that your job can be done perfectly. If you are doing the end of tenancy clean yourself, and then you have to make a list of things that you need to clean off the rented place. For instance the specific cleaning solution you need for removing oil and grease stains from floors and walls, and from furniture and cushions. The cleaning material you need for cleaning the curtains and blinds which were also given to you on rent should also be noted down. Once you have purchased the supplies for end of tenancy clean, read the instructions carefully over how to use the items and follow the instructions strictly because you don’t want to ruin the furniture, walls or floors. For end of tenancy cleaning, domestic cleaning service is the best because they have all the cleaning items and equipments and they are experts in end of tenancy clean. The first step for your cleaning without domestic cleaning service is to remove all the staples, nails and the fixture you had made on the walls and ceilings. Next step is to fill those left out holes with a putty material or white cement and then painting the area so that it doesn’t look awkward on the wall or ceiling. Water is the most important solvent so make sure you have a large quantity of it because it will be used in large quantities through the complete end of tenancy clean.

    To avoid this hustle of end of tenancy cleaning, it is better to hire a domestic cleaning service because they are expert in this field, they have the complete knowledge about things to be cleaned and to be used for the house cleaning weather it a hard or soft surface. By hiring these service providers you will save your money, energy and time.

  3. Though the end of tenancy cleaning is very important for the landlord as well as the tenant but the process should be carried out with much care to avoid the discrepancies involved in the process of end of tenancy. There are several sufferings or dilemmas involved in the end of tenancy, here are listed some to make you mentally prepare and mend ways to avoid the injuries caused by the end of tenancy.

    1. Be physically as well as mentally present at the time of taking charge of a property or at the time of checking in. If the end of tenancy cleaning by the last tenant or by the landlord is not done well then you should be able to object over the end of tenancy clean.  
    2. Make a keen observation of the things and keep on making the list of odds after the end of tenancy cleaning by domestic cleaning service.
    3. After the end of tenancy clean process make sure that all the observations are kept in record. Either you make a hard copy or a soft copy on your personal computer or keep the both. You can also take the record on the prescribed format of that particular domestic cleaning service that carried out the end of tenancy cleaning operation.
    4. The odd observations like scuffed paint, broken things (furniture, doors, windows, panes etc), ruptured sofa and bed covers, torn parts of curtains and carpets, leaked pipes and out of order machinery like fans, electric motor, oven etc should be highlighted after the end of tenancy clean before you check in.
    5. Save the odd things in your mobile or digital camera in the form of video or pictures as a proof for the situation after the end of tenancy clean by the owner or last tenant.
    6. Write the observed problems to your estate agent and or domestic cleaning service via email as well as via postal service and keep a copy saved in your record. Attach the pictures and or videos of your observations after the end of tenancy clean with the letter.
    7. Send the same letter to the land lord and ask to fix the problems as soon as possible.
    8. Save the reply of your estate agent, domestic cleaning service and as well as the land lord even if the answer is simply “thanks to let us know”.
    9. If the problems do exist even after letter make a reminder and talk to your estate agent, domestic cleaning service and land owner either by appointment or by a phone call.
    10. Keep your property clean throughout the period of your tenancy. It will help you to spend very few pennies at the end of tenancy cleaning.
    11. When your tenancy period is near to complete and you or the land lord is not in mode to renew the agreement, then make it sure that you plan a month before you check out.
    12. Again please do a big favor to you and be physically as well as mentally present at the time of handing over the charge of a property or at the time of checking out. 


    These few advises may save you at least from being accused of misusing/harming the rented property and will make a safe return of your security deposit without any legal issues.  

  4. Keep your home clean with domestic cleaning service

    Do you know about end of tenancy cleaning? It is a professional cleaning service in Berkshire and Hampshire. This company offers various cleaning services for property owners like office cleaning, house cleaning and toilet cleaning. Therefore if you want to use the service of end of tenancy clean then you must use the service of this company. The domestic cleaning service of this company includes house cleaning, toilet cleaning, office cleaning and carpet cleaning. Some companies also offer curtain and carpet cleaning services also. This cleaning is service is very famous and popular in the UK. If you want to use this service then you just need to provide your house keys to company manager. The picking and dropping of keys is a part of company policy.

    If you want to avail end of tenancy cleaning service then you can use the online source to find companies. There are present hundreds of cleaning companies in UK who offer this service. The selection of right company is very important. Therefore it is good to check and find the company reviews and feedback. The use of end of tenancy clean service has become very common in UK. The most important domestic cleaning service include appliance cleaning, kitchen cleaning, carpet cleaning, curtains cleaning, refrigerator cleaning and tiles cleaning.

    It is not necessary to use the domestic cleaning service for whole house instead you can enjoy partial cleaning service. The partial cleaning service includes carpet, curtain, kitchen, toilet, office, tiles and door cleaning service. The end of tenancy cleaning service is available in the whole world. Therefore you can get this service any where in the world. If you are looking for experienced end of tenancy clean service then you can get help from online source.  The bathroom cleaning service provided by end of tenancy cleaning include bathroom washing with chemicals, radiator washed, pipe washing, tiles washing and management of shower area.

    Similarly toilet area washing service by end of tenancy cleaning includes washing of toilet, basin, tiles, urinals and pipes. The washing and cleaning of washers, door, mirror, jars, hinges and fittings is also included in this package. If you want to acquire this service then you should consult with end of tenancy clean service. The domestic cleaning service provided by end of tenancy cleaning company is very famous. Therefore more and more people in west and united state prefer to use the end of tenancy clean service. It is very easy to handle the keys of your house to cleaning company and use this service. The various cleaning companies offer different packages for this service. Therefore if you want to use the domestic cleaning service then you should shop around to find best deal. A good tenancy cleaning company should have professional staff equipped with latest tools. The experience is most important to carry out this process with ease. You can also use this cleaning service only for your bedroom and lounge areas to save your extra cost.

  5. The Cheap and economical tenancy cleaning

    Water is the most famous and widely used solvent around the house in all over the world for cleaning any stains. At the end of tenancy cleaning you might require large quantity of water to finish various jobs which this solvent can be used. Most of the stains and dirt can be cleaned by water, but if there are oily or greasy stains on different types of fabrics then cleaning them is very hard and a tough job. When you are performing end of tenancy cleaning, then you might require different kinds of detergents, acids, bleaches, alkalis and other solutions for the best result in end of tenancy clean. First one must wash these stained fabrics with water and then apply all these solutions to make the stains wash away, and in the end water is again used for the cleaning of all these solutions, please note that too many of these solutions are keeping these solutions for too long on the clothes can destroy the fabric material. Tell this to your domestic cleaning service as well.

    Over here it is advised that you don’t water on those materials which can be destroyed by water, which includes shrinking of clothes and fading of their color. Though water is a very important solvent, if you have a domestic cleaning service then ask them to soak wood in the water so that water can get warped, and can change its color to white and it can become soft to water sensitive material. Other materials such as padding will get completely soaked I water and it won't dry, soaking foam material will absorb all the water and then getting it clean will be a hell of a job. During end of tenancy cleaning, be careful not to get in contact with any of the electrical stuff, switch off the main plug or wear proper insulation material which you can take off at the end of tenancy clean. Water can be used with many varieties of end of tenancy clean by the domestic cleaning services.

    At the end of tenancy cleaning, organic solvents to be used for removing tough and greasy stains are petroleum distillates, denatural alcohol, mineral spirits, naphtha, kerosene and dry cleaning fluid, these fluids do not dissolve in water at all. Be cautious when using these organic solvents when doing end of tenancy clean as these solvents are flammable, they can catch fire very quickly and if gets in contact with skin, can cause skin irritation as well, so keep them away from children and ask your domestic cleaning service to be aware and careful when using them around the house. These solvents are poisonous to its better if you keep your tiny toddlers in another room during end of tenancy clean.

    For cleaning large surfaces, such as walls and floor, cleaners in powdered and liquid form can be used. These cleaners are dissolved and diluted in water and then are used for end of tenancy cleaning for walls and floors. After washing off with these diluted cleaners, do wash them off with water to remove all the alkali from the wall or floor surface. For cleaning of these large surfaces domestic cleaning service is the best.

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