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The Good Clean Company have done a fantastic job cleaning the property at the end of our tenancy. There is not a single part of the house they have missed! I would highly recommend them to any other tenants looking for a superior clean at the end of their tenancy (our landlord was very happy with the outcome)." Chris in Maidenhead


"The Good Clean Company completed an end of tenancy clean for us along with a carpet clean. We were really pleased with the results, everything was spotless and they managed to get all of the stains out of the carpets which we didn't think would be possible! I would recommend The Good Clean Company to anyone looking for a professional cleaning service, they were efficient and in our opinions good value for money." Rachel in Reading

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Carpet Cleaning Reading

Carpet Cleaning Reading

The Good Clean Company offers professional carpet cleaning at competitive prices. We use a combination of traditional and contemporary carpet cleaning techniques that are both effective and productive.

We use the hot water extraction (steam cleaning) method of cleaning which, is considered the best method of cleaning carpets according to some of the world’s largest carpet manufacturers. We use state of the art Steempro carpet cleaning machines from Prochem and detergents and cleaning solutions from chemspec to get your carpets spotlessly clean. For more information on any of the services we provide please don't hesitate to contact us on 07999-682249

Carpet Cleaning Reading

Our professional Prochem carpet cleaning machines blast through the carpet at the optimal pressure without over wetting while the detergents emulsify and loosen the soil which, is then extracted using the dual 3 stage vacuums giving your carpet a thorough deep clean and leaving it completely dry within a few hours. Our machines can pick up almost all of the water used to clean your carpets allowing a faster drying time and almost dry to touch after cleaning.

We have worked hard on developing our techniques to increase productivity, effectiveness and decrease the drying times and costs involved cleaning your carpets. We use portable carpet cleaners as we can better control the temperature required to clean your carpets as well as a quick set up time. Our machines are fitted with heat exchangers so we don't need any access to hot water.

The detergents we use are both strong and friendly to the environment and will leave your carpet smelling fresh and clean. The detergents have been specially developed by chemical engineers to loosen dirt quickly and additives have been included to stop the bad odours that can be released from the carpet during cleaning. Fabric brighteners, conditioners and protectors are also added to give your carpet a fresh new look, just like the day it was fitted.

Our carpet cleaning detergents can also stop allergens and remove other bacteria living in the carpet. The high heat from the water pumped through the carpet is controlled to a constant temperature which, can kill off parasites and other pests by what is known as thermal death.

All carpet cleaning includes spot cleaning, traffic lane treatment and cleaning, browning, filtration marks, draught marks and spills. We can remove many stains including wine, coffee, oil, grease, ink, blood, and urine. Please contact us for more information on stain removal.

Cleaning times vary but, are generally 30 minutes for a large room and 15 minutes for a small room so if the majority of your home is carpeted, we can have it cleaned in 2-5 hours.

Some carpets may react differently to different cleaning methods and detergents. We will advise you of any special cleaning that needs to be done before we commence work cleaning your carpets.  Book Now 07999-682249

Your Guarantee

 We have fully equipt teams trained to deal with property cleaning and work to standards guaranteed to pass a checkout, if it doesn't then we will return and re-do the work free of charge.

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Gutters and Windows

We also clean gutters and windows, free quotes.


Windows and gutters on avg 3 bed semi £45

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